The Box Set
Romeo Santos
All the Elements
Close Up
2 Albums 48 Songs
Backstage Pass


The box set was created for a class at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Fall and Spring semester of 2018.


Prime Objective

Created a special edition box set for Romeo Santos, who is a well known Spanish Bachata artist. While also designing the artist new identity.



The project includes a deluxe double-album box set, featuring custom packaging, two vinyl LPs, a bio and lyrical booklet, a poster, two tickets, two backstage passes, and a small surprise for his fans. With his usual brand being focused on him I created a new identity based on the feeling of his music.

New Identity

The new identity is based on his songs which are rooted in romance. It was inspired by an Instagram artist use of auras. Thus the design became two auras dancing around one another to represent the love the music creates. Then to personify Santos flare I incorporated a pop color of copper to highlight elements.





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